What is Commission?

Commission is a family of churches united by a shared passion for Jesus and his mission with a clear vision to see thousands of lives transformed through hundreds of churches in tens of nations.

We are working together to share the good news of Jesus throughout the world, a direct response to the Great Commission - Matthew 28:19 Jesus said “all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.”

We are part of the wider global Newfrontiers family, a movement that’s grown to hundreds of churches all around the world. Newfrontiers is made up of groups (or ‘spheres’) of churches and Commission is one of these groups, led by Guy Miller and his team.

Commission is a growing international family, with churches in the UK, Europe, South Asia, US, Ghana, East Asia and Middle East.

Since Commission began we have seen great growth and made real progress in achieving our vision to see:

Thousands of lives transformed, through hundreds of churches, in tens of nations.

Outlining the vision is one thin, getting there is another. With such a big vision we had to think about how to get there, which led to the introduction of our SURE strategy.

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What do we do?

Starting and supporting churches

We are passionate about supporting the local church as we regard it as central to the mission and purposes of God. We provide care and support for existing churches, and work together to see new churches started in new locations.

Reaching the unreached

We are committed to taking the Gospel where the name of Jesus is not known, both on our doorstep and overseas. Our mission, as well as our prayer, is to see God’s Kingdom come in all areas of life, especially in the lives of those who are unreached by the Gospel.

Social action and crisis relief

We believe that it is our responsibility as the people of God to seek to bring hope and restoration into the hurting world. We support our churches in taking a proactive approach to reaching the unreached in their local communities, through initiatives such as food banks, debt relief, homeless outreach and more.

We work with our churches to bring relief and development in areas where people are living in extreme poverty. This may be after a crisis requiring short term relief and aid, or in areas of extreme poverty requiring a longer term approach.

Raising and training leaders

We are committed to the raising and training of men and women as leaders for all walks of life. We deliver a range of training courses, from single days of specialist training to part time leadership courses running over two years.

Conferences and events

We’re passionate about equipping people to be all that God has called them to. We do this through providing events aimed at encouraging and equipping, and giving us the opportunity to gather together and build relationships.

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