Foundations Leadership Training


Foundations is a two-year leadership training course which provides:

  • In-depth grounding in theology and biblical knowledge

  • Insights to develop essential leadership skills

  • Stimulating learning in groups by experienced leaders and gifted teachers


This course covers many topics including:

  • Leadership skills

  • New Testament introduction

  • Old Testament theology

  • Key doctrines: The Trinity, person of Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the end times.

  • Pastoral theology

  • Ethics

  • Church history


Course dates

Price: £799

Location: Citygate, Bournemouth


4-5 October

1-2 November

6-7 December

24-25 April

5-6 June


10-11 January

14-15 February

27-28 March

I attended Foundations in 2013-14 and found it all so helpful. I gained the most, I would say, going through the Grasping God’s Word book, which refocused my attention to reading God’s Word and getting to grips with the real meaning of the Scriptures and its application to our lives today.
— Angela Vaine

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