The Royal Bath and West Showground

27th-31st August 2020

The story so far…

We’ve had an amazing 10 years at Westpoint, but it’s time to open the page on a new chapter for us as Commission, building on all that has come before.

Connect Festival is a Christian event enabling and encouraging Christians and churches to live life fully and fruitfully for Jesus.

The importance of joining together as one; building deeper connections with others in our church; connecting as a wider group of churches remembering that we are here for a greater mission than just ourselves, are all huge parts of the festival’s experience.

Children - Preparing the way for a Christ filled life in our children with fun and teaching.

Togetherness - Building a greater community within and amongst our churches.

Bigger picture - A reminder that we are together on a mission for God’s glory, not just our churches.

Join us for the first time in a new location as we come together, to connect with God, to connect with one another, and to connect with God’s global mission.

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Make Connect Festival happen

Serving is a great way to feel right at the heart of the event, meet new people and save money too!


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