Advanced Leadership Training

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About the course

A two-year course designed to develop the teaching and preaching gift, including detailed exegesis of specific biblical books and in-depth study of various biblical genres. Advanced is highly interactive, with open forums and practical preaching classes.

The lessons learnt, the skills developed and the relationships formed on this course will have a lasting impact.



Location: Citygate, Bournemouth (TBC)

Price: £950

Time Commitment: This is a two-year course that takes place bimonthly for three days at a time, Wed-Fri, and we run a total of 12 sessions over the two year period.

What is covered?

  • Hermeneutics

  • John’s Gospel and the Synoptics

  • Acts

  • Romans

  • Hebrews

  • Revelation

  • Genesis

  • The Law

  • Proverbs

  • Psalms

  • Isaiah

  • New Testament Greek

  • Apologetics

What are people saying?

Commission’s Advanced Course was formative and foundational for me. It strengthened my preaching gift, sharpened my leadership judgement, and grew my confidence. Spending three days in the book of Isaiah increased my awe and love for God. It helped prepare me for what I’m doing now.
— Howard Satterthwaite, Westminster Chapel
I completed the Advanced Training Course last year and found the course absolutely brilliant. From Mick Taylor to Adrian Holloway and other great Bible teachers we dug into the Old Testament, The New Testament, Apologetics and other areas in ways that would not be possible but for this course. In addition learning from each other and building friendships with other church leaders was a real blessing and encouragement as well. I highly recommend this course.
— Chris Conry

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